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Colors of the German Shepherd Dog



Dog Calengar 4 Patas Proyecto

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“Point After Point” Wine Bottles

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The purpose was to design a limited edition wine bottle for Cargill’s Empyreal 75, an all-natural, highly digestible protein concentrate for dog and cat diets. The target audience for the red wine was pet food manufacturers who were attending the Pet Food Forum Tradeshow and were considering using Empyreal 75 protein as an ingredient for their pet food. Conceptually, the solution needed to make a strong connection to red wine and dogs/cats. “Point After Point” was the direction taken as it connected the positive points offered by Empyreal 75. Point after point, when you add up all the benefits, it forms a clear picture of its value as a protein additive for any pet food. Bottles were adorned with white grease pencils that allowed the prospects to connect the “points” to create either a cat or a dog.

By Brandon Oltman

Dog Portraits

Dog Portraits

That special glimmer in his eye. The spirit behind her unique personality. From his playful sense of humor to the one-of-a-kind expressions no other pet in the world has, they all combine to make your best friend who he is. Take a moment of your time to browse through a collection of beautiful Pet Portraits that have delighted pet owners around the world.

Dog Portraits

Dog Portraits

Dog Portraits

Dog Portraits

Dog Portraits

Dog Portraits

Dog Portraits

Dog Portraits

Your Dog Styling – a Fashion Lesson

Dog Styling Dog Styling  Dog Styling

How to Dress Your Dog according to His Body Type


  1. Poodles need a good fit

  2. Elongate your dachshund’s legs

  3. Labs need the right color

  4. Accentuate your bulldog’s head

  5. Be sure bulldogs’ clothes are washable

  6. Work with problem hair

  7. Dress Chihuahuas well

  8. No horizontal stripes for boxers

  9. Avoid too-tight clothes


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